If there's one thing that I don't do, it's math.   It's just never something I've been good at.  My sister works for the head office of one of the largest banks in the country and I run a Christmas decorating business.   We often joke that she's Math Girl and I'm Christmas Girl, but its actually kind of a reality.  So where am I going with this??  There's a point, I promise. 

Back in my corporate days, one of the companies I was working with tried to create a mathematical decorating formula for my trees....multiply your themed ornaments by your solid baubles and divide by 7....or something like that.  The point is, it doesn't work, there's no such thing as a magical Christmas calculation.  But what DOES work, is the process.  To quote my new favorite Bills head coach, "trust the process".  

It doesn't matter how many ornaments or strands of ribbon you have on your tree, the important part is that you decorate in the proper order to get the maximum decorating space out of your tree.  If you want your tree to look like you had it professionally done, (whether or not you've purchased one of our kits), follow the 10 step process below and you'll be a decorating champ!


I've included a lot of links to the How To videos to make this even easier for you, or if you just want the crib notes version, watch the first video below.

Happy Decorating my little elves!



Step 1:  Shape your Tree...yes shape it.   

Taking it out of the box and assembling it is only half the battle. Now you need to unfold each and every one of those branches to bring that tree to life.  This will take most people 20 minutes.

Check out the video...don't mind the stupid expression on my face.


Step 2: Light your Tree

If you have a real tree or an artificial tree, that you purchased in the dark ages/more than 10 years ago, you may not have lights on it.  99% of available artificial trees are now pre-lit (thats not a real stat but you get the picture).   Using the Disney standard of lighting your tree, you should have 200 lights per foot, but this is some serious dinero on your electric bill, and I personally don't have Disney dollars to spend to light up my tree for the holidays .  So lets make it a happy medium, and an easy equation, because easy math is the best math....100 lights per foot will give you a very bright and easy tree to light.   Note that the bottom of the tree is much much wider than the top (thanks, tips) so you if you have a 7 foot tree its likely that you will use 300-400 lights on the base and maybe only 50 for the top.  Don't get all literal on me and use 100 per each foot, okay?


Step 3: Adding Ribbon 

Ribbon can be daunting if you don't know how to use it, but I've made it extra simple for you...watch the video below and you'll become an instant expert :) 


 Step 4: Add your garland.

I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory...correct me if Im wrong or if you need help here.  Ribbon typically runs vertical and garland horizontal.


Step 5: Adding Baubles

I like to start from largest to smallest here which means I start from the bottom...started from the bottom now we're here...am I right? One thing to note is that when you're placing those giant pumpkin balls in the tree, be sure to push them into the tree, don't try and hang them off a singular branch.  These are meant to fill up the tree and use less ornaments...let them do their job :)



Step 6: Adding detailed ornaments

Now that you have all of your baubles on the tree, it's time to add the detailed ornaments.  These can be anything from reindeer, to snowmen to the macaroni wreath your kids made you in JK.  Whatever you have, add them now.  And make sure to let them hang off of those prominent branches that stick out so they can twirl and sparkle and get the most attention.

Step 7: Add your picks and sprays.

I use a TON of sprays in my trees, but these can get pretty pricey so I understand the hesitation when adding them to a tree...although, the sprays in my line are pretty reasonable, just saying ;) . You can literally place these anywhere, but if you still need assistance, here's a handy video.



Step 8:  Sinemay or Decomesh, you say tomato...

This is literally the easiest thing in the world.  There are a lot of people out there with really impressive deco mesh skills but I'm not one of them.  I've made this the easiest thing ever.....roll out about 1-2 feet of mesh, cut it and then stuff it in the tree.  Rinse and repeat.  


There's a really great blog for this one coming soon, but for now you can cruise my instagram for ideas or check out the custom made topper blog :)


Step 10:  Your tree skirt. 

I know this is kind of a no brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people dont match their skirt with their color scheme.  That's basically the same as not matching your shoes to your outfit.  Weird right?  So don't leave that part out.


If there's something I missed, or something you need more help with, don't hesitate to message me through facebook messenger.  I always have time for Elves!

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