Getting sick of that star on top of your tree?  Me too...just kidding.  Actually Im not. Traditional tree toppers are my nemesis.  We spend so much time picking out and collecting the ornaments on our tree, but when it comes to the tree topper we opt out for whatever the local department store has in their star, gold star, silver star.  I don't care what colour it is, its downright boring.   If you absolutely love the star on your tree, fine, keep it, but at least throw some picks and sprays around it to give it some life.

If you're ready for something new, and even more unique than the ball cluster, Im super excited to be able to offer you a custom tree topper that you're guaranteed not to find on any department store shelf.  

New to Andrea Hein Occasions this year are personalized tree toppers.

Whether your last name is Jones, Jewett or Chatzikirou, we've got a topper for you. (and apparently I'm now Dr.Seuss)

Go to the custom tree toppers page to order yours so we can turn your name into the greatest topper thats ever been on your tree!

(PS...they also make great gifts for other people that need to get rid of their star!)




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