The great debate...real or fake.

When it comes to trees, I like fake.  But thats just because I can cram so many more ornaments onto a fake, sorry "life-like" tree.  And there's the added bonus of it not dying before Christmas Eve.  

But that doesn't mean you can't use the real stuff anywhere else.  I love using real greenery around my home, you just have to be mindful of how early you decorate. If you're planning on buying a real tree or real garland there are a couple things to consider and the staff at the garden centre, in my own experience, are more than helpful when it comes to this stuff.

For example, if you're planning on buying a real tree, make sure you buy it in the middle of December rather than December 1st so it lasts longer.  And be sure to follow instructions when the garden centre staff tell you how to water it....they're usually bang on when it comes to live greenery.

If you're hosting a Christmas party or Christmas dinner and want to make centrepieces or garland with real greenery, this is great way to add traditional festive charm to your home but don't set it up too early.   Pine sheds very quickly, and not being able to water your greenery plus the dry heat inside your home means that greenery won't make it to your holiday party if you start decorating 3 weeks before the date.  Again, ask the garden centre staff how long it will last.  Unless you're chopping down your own tree and or greenery, its likely been sitting out on the shelf for a few days.

Once you get that greenery home, you can add small touches to it to give it an extra bit of style and sparkle.  I like adding pinecones (either natural or dipped in coloured sparkles), or berry picks and sprays.


Don't be afraid to add artificial picks and sprays to your real greenery either.  You won't lose the effect of the real stuff, you're just improving nature by adding your creative (and sparkly) touch.




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