I have to admit, Halloween was never my favourite holiday. I mean really, how can you possibly compete with Christmas?  As a kid in elementary school it was great; free candy, dressing up during class, staying up late with the neighbourhood kids as you paraded around in your Fozzy Bear costume for the 3rd year in a row (yeah, I was that kid).  But once the trick or treating stopped, I started to lose interest quickly.



Slowly over the last couple of years Ive been getting back into this holiday and I have decorating to thank for that.  Halloween decor used to fall into one of two basic categories, family friendly...smiling ghosts, cute witches and happy jackolanterns...or the horror movie genre that never seemed to have enough blood on the half eaten rubber zombie taking its post on your neighbours front porch.

I'm not really into either scene.  I like the spooky sophisticated side of Halloween, which never really existed before.   I can't even explain to you how happy I was to learn that this style is the biggest growing trend in Halloween decor.  Have you ever been to the Haunted Mansion in Disney World?  Well, imagine that you can now purchase any of the props that came out of that ride.   That's the type of decor that's out there...Skeletons with top hats, apothecary jars filled with bones, victorian black lace table runners meant to look like spider webs, black wine goblets, black and white painted pumpkins, and haunted looking chandeliers.

Amazing right?

Well it's about to get better...

Quite possibly my most favourite thing right now is skeleton animals.  It seems so wrong, given I'm an avid animal lover, but I can't help it.  There's something humorously ghoulish about these boney little creatures that I just can't resist.   Ive seen everything from cats, birds, spiders, and rats, but it was a toss up for me between the skeleton dog and the mischievous little mice, so naturally I purchased both.  These are great because they're not too scary if you have small children, but they're sophisticated enough to decorate your home Mortisha-Adams-style for your Halloween cocktail party.





So this year, while you throw on that Halloween playlist, and you're busting out to MJ's Thriller, don't forget to take pics of your space and send them to me.  I love seeing how creative people get with Halloween!

Happy Decorating, Foolish Mortals.






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